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Fitness Bootcamp

For Results!

Paragon Athletic Club

SWEAT = Motivation + Nutrition + Strength + Cardio = RESULTS 

Are you ready to hit your goals?  

Are you ready for RESULTS?

Then you're ready for SWEAT FITNESS BOOTCAMP.  

Signature half hour long High Intensity workouts utilizing free weights

and body weight exercises.  Our innovative technique works to "shock" the

body in the most efficient and effective way to improve your

cardiovascular system, lose weight and improve muscle. 

So if you want weight loss, muscle gain or overall improved health and endurance...this is the bootcamp for you.  

Enjoy a positive, supportive environment geared to break past your personal boundaries and to push you further. No matter your skill level -

you will see and feel results! 

You must reserve your spot, space is limited!

Scroll down and click on the calendar below to reserve!!

Please note: No Shows will be limited on placing future reservations.

Monday - Arms & Abs

Tuesday - Butt & Legs

Wednesday - Chest, Back & Abs

Thursday - Shoulders & Abs

Friday - Full Body

Saturday - Spin /Strength

Class Schedule - 30 Minute Strength. 

Scroll down to calendar for availability. Classes close out 2 hours prior to start time. 

Monday - 6am,8am,&6pm

Tuesday - 6am, 8am,&6pm

Wednesday - 6am, 8am,&6pm, 

Thursday - 6am, 8am,&6pm

Friday - 6am, 8am,&6pm

Saturday 9am

PLEASE NOTE: Only reserve for classes you can attend. No shows will be limited on placing future reservations.

Space is limited, please make cancellations within 12 hours of your scheduled camp.  Members with multiple NO SHOWS will be limited in ability to reserve.

Paragon Athletic Club ~ 520 E St Georges Ave, Linden NJ 07036 ~ 908.587.1199 
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