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Paragon Athletic Club

Are You Ready For Your After Picture?

Have you tried every diet without success?


There's a better way!  Imagine fueling your body with delicious superfoods and feeling more energetic than ever before.  How would life be different if you work up feeling your best and happy about your reflection in the mirror?  

What if it's easy and simple to incorporate into your life?  

And..what if it's risk free? 


Why wait?  In three months you'll wish you had started today. You have nothing to lose except your unwanted pounds.


All members receive a complimentary nutrition consultation.  

Don't take my word for it...look at these amazing transformations and video!

When you're ready to start, we recommend beginning with the 30 day pack!

It delivers your breakfast, lunch, cleanse system and supporting snacks replacing your grocery bill, except for your dinner,

for around $3.03 per meal!​

Paragon Athletic Club ~ 520 E St Georges Ave, Linden NJ 07036 ~ 908.587.1199 ~ 
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